Joint ventures & Associates

Our company has tied up with different companies through JVs (Joint Venture) or MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) to facilitate its operations on large scale.

These partners support DDPL in terms of supply of equipments or joining hands in bigger operations to meet customer's qualifying requirement. Following Companies are in support to DDPL.

  • Siddhartha Engineering Ltd. is the foremost company who is with us and has JV agreement. This association has successfully done the work of Design, Supply, Construction, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Seven numbers new 132 KV Substations. The JV has also done augmentation work by providing additional Power Transformer at 132KV Substation at 8 locations on turnkey basis for HVPNL Haryana.
  • Raj Kishan & Company is also our associates. This company is, since 1968 in the field of Thermal Power Plant, RCC Chimneys, Roads&Bridges, Hydroelectric Power Plants,Water and sewage treatment Plant etc.
  • We have also association with manufacturers like ECE Industries Ltd., Atlanta Electrical Pvt. Ltd. who are the reputed transformer manufacturers.
  • We are one of the promoters of a company namely Aryans Global Infra Ltd, a conglomerate of three other companies who have excelled in their respective field, with a vision to take up execution of projects including in the field of Industrial Automation, SCDA, Control and instrumentation etc.